Get The Money Out The Way

Get the money out the way so you can pursue your passions full-time. If you’re anything like me, your passions include things such as traveling, art, music, photography, hanging out and a bunch of random shit that don’t pay the bills. Instead of trying to find this magical career that pays you well as well as let’s you pursue your passion – what if you were able to create a business that would give you enough time and freedom to purse your passions full time?


Here’s how you do it:


Write down how much you will need to survive:    

Calculate all of your expenses to see how much money you’ll need to survive in order to quit your job and begin pursuing your non-money making passion. Since your money making opportunity is solely for making money and freeing up time. You’ll need to find an opportunity that you can make exactly what you need to survive. This will help with you deciding which opportunity to pursue.

Find and master an online skill:

Learn a money making skill that doesn’t require much time to run once up and running. There are several trades you can get into including but not limited to: Amazon FBA, Copyrighting, Forex Trading, Affiliate Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, UX Design, App Development, Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords Advertising, Voice Over, IT and the list goes on forever lol

Automate and Create Systems:

While mastering your skills, begin creating systems around your operation that will eventually allow you hire someone to take care of the time consuming small tasks associated with your venture. Once established you’ll be able to hire Virtual Assistants to help with your smaller tasks.

Save and invest as much as you can while employed:

If you’re currently working at a job you hate, you shouldn’t be living like a king. Start on your very next paycheck saving as much as you can, so when you’re ready to make the leap you have a nice cushion and runway.


Your money making venture doesn’t have to be something you enjoy, it just has to pay the bills and not take up much of your time.  It’s your life! If you want to be a full-time musician, artist, traveler or acrobat you should be able too. Don’t let money get in the way of pursuing what you truly care about. We only have one life to live, and it should be spent doing what we love.


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