My Story

I’ve been in the e-commerce space for over 10 years; I started by selling sneakers and reptiles online at the age of 15. By 21, I launched “Jimmy Kicks”, a crowd-sourced shoe brand funded by The Quicken Loans Family of Companies. Fast forward 6 years – I’m living in Houston, working a sales job, earning great money, but still not satisfied. I’ve always had a desire to travel the world but my job didn’t give me the flexibility to just pick up and go as I pleased. Within two years I took the experience I gained from my past e-commerce ventures and began launching products left and right. The journey wasn’t easy, in fact the first few products I launched didn’t do too well (one actually caught on fire). Regardless, my desire for financial freedom gave me the drive to push forward.

After countless hours of research, hitting my head and honing my skills I got pretty good at successfully launching and selling products online; many of which are still earning over six figures annually. The Amazon FBA business model has allowed me to quit my job and begin traveling the world full-time. My wife and I are currently exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand where we run our entire business from our laptops. I seriously believe that if I can accomplish this, anyone can. With a little hard work, dedication and resilience, anything is possible!


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